The lawn requires special care.
Irrigation is essential for the perfect lawn. Both excess and lack of water undermine the status.

In winter you need scarify grassland to aerate the soil.

When spring starts is necessary to fertilizer for several consecutive months.

It is necessary regularly check the lawns for the presence of fungi, worm or other insects, and act with fungicides and insecticides treatments.

If you detect a problem it is advisable to contact a professional who will advise you properly


There are many palm trees throughout the peninsula
In this area of ​​the Costa Blanca, builders and gardening companies opted mainly for the implementation of variety of Washingtonia Robusta, being of rapid growth.

The growth of this tree depends on the amount of water it receives daily. If planted in a meadow of grass, receiving more water will grow faster than if planted in an area with hardly any irrigation even without irrigation.

They can reach more than 25 meters high.

This variety is not prone to catch diseases, although it is always necessary to watch it as all the trees and plants that you have in your garden.

In spring begin to leave flowers and fruits, so it is advisable to pruning to avoid constantly clean the garden, the terrace and pool. Depending on the weather, It may bloom again in summer and autumn.

Currently there is a high risk in the area of ​​the palm trees become infected with Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (red palm weevil).

Fortunately, this variety is not one of the favorites of this insect which are rarely affected by this scourge, at least for now.


There is a great variety of trees, ornamental and fruit throughout the Costa Blanca
The most common in our gardens are Ficus varieties, Conifers, Olive, Orange and Lemon trees, Jacarandas, Mimosas, Brachychiton, and etc ...

Each variety requires different pruning.

Some varieties can be pruned decoratively.

Other varieties allowed severe pruning in winter to sprout and bloom in spring.

Depending on the type of tree, they can be infected by insects and fungi.

The appropriate fungicide and insecticide treatment is critical since it depends on the survival of  the tree.

If any anomaly is detected it is always advisable to consult a professional for proper treatment.



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